Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Results

Okay, so the results...

First, I (obviously) have problems maintaining a daily journal of sorts! What a busy summer!

Second, I continued to use LifeCaps whenever I felt hungry and needed a boost in my energy. The results of this were kind of as I experienced all along. I didn't get an immediate filling feeling, but I noticed an hour or so later that I felt very full and satisfied.

I continued to feel full for the majority of the day until dinnertime. LifeCaps definitely met my needs to feel full and I am continuing on my weight-loss journey using them! I am closer to my goal than I was before and I am grateful for the hope that LifeCaps has giving me...they really help me in those afternoon munchy hours that I seem to experience on a daily basis!

I also just read this press release outlining a better deal for customers...Read On -
LifeCaps Offers New 60-Count Bottles

Ogden, UT- LifeCaps, Inc., a Utah-based company, recently added a new 60-count bottle of LifeCaps to their product offerings.

This new 60 count bottle is a great value to consumers, offering twice the product of their normal bottles, but for only $10 more. The new 60-count bottles retail for $39.95.

LifeCaps is the “World’s First Survival Kit in a Bottle” and the company has experienced much success while distributing a product that provides people with emergency preparedness and peace of mind.

LifeCaps helps to sustain life in the event of an emergency, when food is scarce. Company Founder Daryl Stevenett lived completely on LifeCaps and water for 17 days with no harmful side effects. LifeCaps is stimulant-free and works to remove the feeling of hunger naturally so people can sustain their life if they don’t have access to food.

“LifeCaps should be an essential part of any 72-hour kit, and is perfect for hikers, backpackers, car emergency kits and kitchen cupboards,” said Stevenett.

Stevenett invites everyone to visit to learn more about the product and receive $10 off each bottle they purchase.

Use the code Good Life when checking out to receive the discount.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Days 2 & 3

Day 2 Rocked, Day 3, not so much.

Day 2 I took my lifecaps pill in the morning and I seriously did so good the whole hunger, ate healthy, it was great!

Day 3 (today) - I woke up not feeling so great and seemed to be so ravishingly hungry all day. I'm addicted to Zone bars and ate 4 of them 4 points each that is 16 WW points total...yikes. In addition to the Zone bars, this was the menu:

Breakfast - Total - 5 WW points

Lunch - Chicken Salad - 4 WW Points

Snack at the Pool - Chex Mix - 4 WW Points

Dinner - More Chicken Salad - 6 WW Points

After Dinner - A LifeCaps pill - should have taken it way earlier in the day.
So, that makes a grand total of 35 points for today...sick! 10 points over my goal...

I tend to emotional eat and I definitely had a very emotional day. I should have just doubled up on my LifeCaps pills earlier in the day to curb my hunger and desire to eat. I'm glad I learned this though just in case I have a similar day again.

Onward & Downward!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Okay, so I never started my experiment because of vacations, laziness and apathy, but now I'm finally on board. Today I began the's roughly how it went:

Breakfast - Bowl of Total Cereal with Milk - 5 WW points

Snack - Sips of Kids' Snowcone - 1 WW point

Lunch - Protein Bar and Cheese stick - 6 points

Mid afternoon I started getting hungry as usual so I drank a whole glass of water with a LifeCaps pill. I did fabulous until dinner...which is rare for me.

Dinner - Chicken Sandwiches, Corn on the Cob, Fudge Bar, Strawberries - 13 points

25 Points total (which is my target). I have been going over my target by a couple points each day, but today I stuck to it perfectly! I'm not sure if it's the LifeCap, but I'm goint to keep experimenting to see what happens. Today I am a little hungry at bedtime, but I chose instead to drink a full glass of water instead of eating anything. Hooray for today!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Experiment - T Minus 1 Day

So, I've heard a lot about LifeCaps, the "World's First Survival Kit in a Bottle" and wanted to try them out.

I'm not in an emergency situation where I don't have access to food right now, but my mom swears that these help her so much to lose weight.

How, you ask?

Well she tells me that when she feels a little hungry, but knows she shouldn't be eating anything, she'll take a LifeCap and that completely satisfies her until the next meal.

I definitely have some weight to lose and get the afternoon munchies so bad that I feel like eating everything in the pantry before dinner.

My experiment will be for 30-days. Instead of eating snacks when I feel hungry (unless they're healthy snacks and needful) I will take a LifeCap. I won't take more than 3 a day though, so hopefully that will be enough.

I want to see if they truly curb hunger before I invest in buying bottles for all of my family's 72-hour kits and emergency supplies.

I can't wait to start...tomorrow!~